Return Policy

Garura has “no question asked return policy” which entitles all users who have purchased a product are eligible to return the product at the time of delivery if they are not satisfied with the quality of the product or any issue.Refund / Exchange of product will be initiated by your concern within 48 hours instead.The return process of the product can be restricted depending on the nature and category of the product, as outlined in our instant return condition.

Instant Return Conditions :

1.  Dairy items are not returnable.
2.  Once unpacked and open sealed, return will not be processed.(Check every item is properly packed and sealed with at the time of delivery)
3.  Make sure your purchase amount is not fallen from our minimum purchase amount i.e. 250 only.

That in the event any product delivery is delayed or is returned from its destination on account of a mistake by you (e.g. providing the wrong name or address or other incorrect/misleading information), invoice will be cancelled and any additional costs incurred by the Garura for re-delivery of the product(s) shall be borne by you.

In case you are not available at delivery to check the quality of the product(s), your delivery will be postponed and delivered later within our delivery slot until getting your confirmation, else order will be auto cancelled after 24 hours from delivery attempt. Once your order is delivered, no return will be entertained after 24 hours from delivery.You have to inform about your return to our customer service within this period.

Note :

1.   No frozen items and beauty products are returnable once delivered.
2.   Any Unsealed/Opened/Used Products are not returnable.
3.   Undergarments as this category is excluded from our general return policy due to hygiene reasons.
4.  Any appliance that is certified/guaranteed by its company/seller is not eligible to return to us.